Hilkar was founded in 1985 to provide highest quality products for power quality industry and energy market. As a manufacturer of power resistors, reactors and testing systems, special transformers and motor control systems, Hilkar entered into a leadership role in power quality and energy industry related with it's wide spectrum products.

Today, new power products are added to Hilkar's product offering each year. Hilkar is a privately owned corporation, employing 100+ employees and has significant ability for future in the high tech and power quality. The engineering and technical staff of Hilkar Electric Ltd. is outstanding. This team has a collective experience in manufacturing. Hilkar maintains the quality standards at the highest level.

One of the primary advantages of Hilkar is the ability of designing and manufacturing specific products depending on the customer needs in a very short time. This makes us a quite dynamic company in the industry.

Today's Hilkar, combines extensive research and development with high quality systems in both manufacturing and design processes. In addition to this, an extensive sales organization and experienced customer response have founded. Today, dedicated to serving our customers in Turkey and abroad, Hilkar is one of the main power resistors, reactors, special transformers and motor control and testing systems supplier in the world.


Hilkar is a worldwide exporter.